Short biography:


I was born in Sarajevo in 1980. In 1999 I was admitted to Architecture faculty where I graduated in 2006. The theme of my final work was Reconstruction of interior of BH Telecom headquarters. Eventually I ended up redesigning exterior as well to achieve cohesive architectural composition both inside and outside. During studies I became interested in computer graphics and especially 3d modeling. I can safely say that now I’m fairly proficient in a number of applications ranging from CAD to 3D to photo manipulation and graphic design. As a student I began my practice in a design studio ”Arcoing” where I’m employed today. For a short period of time, after the graduation, I was employed in a mechanical design studio specialized in oil plant design, in Milan, Italy. I didn’t find that work satisfying. After that I returned to Bosnia determined to pursue a career in my field of work. In a past few years I tried to continue my education abroad. I was successfully admitted to number of school, namely TU Eindhoven, University of Westminster and Staatliche hochschule fur bildende Kunste in Frankfurt but because of the lack of funds I was not able to attend those courses. So I abandoned that idea. Now, I teach myself stuff I find interesting. Also, I’m avid hiker and mountain biker. Most of my free time is spent in nature. On top of that I have this Arhiters blog thing that people supposedly like to read.