So, here’s some art.

There’s some architecture because I’m a trained architect. People sometimes pay me to do that stuff. Photography is pretty much run of the mill work that internet is full of these days. Post processed to death, sweetened landscapes, trees, mountains, graves etc. Illustration is something I do so rarely that I completely forgot how to draw properly. It’s childish-like not on purpose but because I can’t draw.

Those (once) popular articles are on the Arhiters page. It’s all in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian. If you’re foreigner save yourself some trouble and don’t go there.


I am always available for hire. I do everything from chopping wood and other manual unskilled labor to developing your multi million euro designs


Copyright, etc

There’s no way I can stop somebody stealing something once it’s on the Internet. So it’s free for all. Just ask yourself what kind of person are you if you try to present my work as yours. A work of virtually unknown eastern European guy. It would be really a low point in your life. You would feel dirty afterwards, a thief, a scumbag, a really, really terrible person. Because that’s what you would be.